12 Digital Marketing Strategies for Facebook

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In the digital age, a good marketing strategy is essential. The internet has allowed us to reach an unprecedented number of people with our message. As more and more content is published every day, it becomes harder and harder to cut through the clutter. This article will provide you with 12 strategies for using Facebook as a marketing tool that will help you stand out in today’s noisy world.

Facebook Marketing Strategy #1

The first Facebook marketing strategy is to post at the right time. Many people post on social media at all hours of the day and night. This, unfortunately, means that they are not reaching their audience when they are most engaged.

Facebook makes this easy to determine when your audience is online. To find out, look at your post engagement by time and location (in the Facebook Insights section of your business page). The end result will show you when and where you should be posting to get the best results.

Facebook Marketing Strategy #2

Facebook is one of the most popular social media sites and people are using it more than ever. One of the best things about Facebook is that you can create a business page, which allows your potential customers to “like” your page instead of having to search for you on Google or other search engines. If someone likes your page, they will be able to see all updates from you in their newsfeed and may also receive messages from you. You can use this strategy to promote your blog posts, products, specials, etc.

Facebook Marketing Strategy #3

Run a Facebook contest.

Facebook contests are a simple way to engage your followers while also collecting valuable data. You can use an app like Rafflecopter to make it easy to set up your contest, and you’re just a couple of clicks away from getting people excited about what you’re offering.

Some ideas for types of contests you can run:

– Ask people to share something about themselves in the comment section for a chance to win

– Post videos or photos with the most creative caption for a chance at winning

– Ask people who have bought your product in the last week to send in their before and after pictures

Click here for more information on how to set up these types of contests.

Facebook Marketing Strategy #4

Facebook is an important resource for your business’ development and assists you with laying out a legitimate internet based presence. As a matter of fact, 89% of advertisers say techniques, similar to site design improvement (SEO), are effective. Also, strategies like compensation per-click (PPC) publicizing increment brand mindfulness by as much as 80%.

#4 – You can target your ideal audience

The ability to target your audience better is one of the most obvious reasons why digital marketing is important. Imagine being able to market directly to people who have an interest in your products or services. With advanced showcasing, you have the ability to straightforwardly arrive at leads intrigued by your business. You don’t need to trust that individuals will see your customary showcasing endeavors and contact your business. With computerized showcasing, you can focus on your crowd more definitively than customary strategies. You can input important information about your audience and use that information to shape your digital marketing campaigns. Let’s say your ideal customers are African-American men between 23-35 years old who are single and make at least $35,000 a year.

Facebook Marketing Strategy #5

One of the most important aspects of Facebook marketing is to target your audience in a way that makes sense for what you’re selling. This includes targeting based on gender and age, but it also includes targeting based on interests.

For example, if you sell shoes and you want to target female shoe shoppers, then it makes sense to post content about fashion and trends in your feed. You would also want to create ads about discounts or other promotions for those shoe shoppers.

Similarly, if you are a clothing store and are targeting men who like sports, then your feed posts should have an element of sports, whether it be highlights from their favourite sports team or photos from sporting events they might enjoy going to.

Your ads will reflect this as well; by focusing on the things they like, you’ll be more likely to generate impressions which will eventually lead to clicks and conversions.


With so many marketing strategies for Facebook, it can be hard to know which one to use. 12 Digital Marketing Strategies for Facebook is a guide that will help you decide the best strategy for your business.

The first strategy is to post at least three times per day on your Facebook page. This helps ensure that your followers are always seeing new content and that they know you are active. The second strategy is to use Facebook ads, which are targeted and allow you to promote your posts to a specific audience, such as people who live in a certain region or who have the same interests as your business. Strategy #3 is to create your own Facebook group, which is a space for active discussions with your target audience and can lead to increased brand loyalty and sales. Strategy #4 is to target people who like your page with a “lookalike” audience. With this strategy, you can reach people who are similar to your current customers, but who may not have liked your page yet.

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