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Ajmal 1001 Nights Alf Laila O Laila for Women EDP 60 ML


Top Notes: Smoke & Spices Middle Notes: Floral Base Notes: Woody & Musky Notes

Ajmal Dahn Al Oudh Shams EDP For Unisex 30ml


Like the golden glow of the sun, you shall shine, with our all-time favourite Arabic perfume created for the bold and beautiful. Derived from aged Indian Agarwood, the eau de parfum radiates unique characteristics and are highly diffusive and long lasting.

Ajmal Danat Al Duniya Eau De Parfum For Women 60ml



Spicy Floral


Woody Floral Spicy


Musky Spicy Woody


Eau De Parfum


60 ML

Ajmal Ghair EDP For unisex 50ml


Ajmal Haem Perfume EDP For Unisex 75ml


Haem by Ajmal is a Amber Floral fragrance for women and men. Haem was launched in 2015. Top note is Citruses; middle notes are Flowers and Amber; base notes are Woodsy Notes and Musk.

Ajmal Kashaf Eau De Parfum For Women 50ml

Top Floral
Heart Fruity Spicy
Base Musky Woody
Capacity 50 ml e
Type Eau De Parfum

Ajmal Khallab Perfume EDP For Unisex 50ml


Ajmal Mukhallat Al Shams EDP For women, 50ml


Ajmal Mukhallat Dahn Al Oudh Moattaq EDP Unisex 60ml


AJMAL Mukhallat Dahn Al Oudh Moattaq is one of the most exclusive Eau De Parfum in the world. Dahn al Oudh Moattaq is a fragrance for kings and a true reflection of Arabian splendor. One of our finest offerings with a heart comprised of pure Indian Dahn Al Oudh, the fragrance is aged and offers the wearer instant access into premium quality blends and speaks volumes of their social standing.

Ajmal QAFIYA 01 Perfume EDP For Unisex 75ml



Spicy Floral


Ambery Woody


Woody Musky Ambery


75 ml


Eau De Parfum

Ajmal QAFIYA 02 Perfume EDP For Unisex 75ml


Top notes   Bergamot, Coffee

Middle notes   Orange Blossom, Spices

Base notes   Sandalwood, Moss

Ajmal QAFIYA 03Perfume EDP For Unisex 75ml

Top Fresh Spicy
Heart Spicy Floral
Base Woody Mossy Leathery Musky
Capacity 75 ml
Type Eau De Parfum

Ajmal QAFIYA 04 Perfume EDP For Unisex 75ml


Top Notes: Woody Spicy Fruity Middle Notes: Oudhy Woody Base Notes: Ambery Musky Leathery

Ajmal QAFIYA SPORT Perfume EDP For Unisex 75ml


Top Notes: Fresh Middle Notes: Floral Woody Base Notes: Woody Ambery Leather

Ajmal Shaghaf Perfume EDP For Unisex 75ML


Ajmal Shaghaf contemporary notes giving you a fragrance  that’s lush with the best from world. Oriental fruity floral fragrance for women.

Brand : Ajmal

Fragrance Perfume : Shaghaf

Fragrance : Fruity, Spicy, Floral, Oudh, Amber and Musk.

Gender : Women

ML : 75 EDP

Ajmal Tanaasuq Perfume EDP For Unisex 75ml


Tanaasuq is announced as a modern – oriental fragrance for a bold, strong and independent woman. The fragrance is said to accentuate a woman’s beaming presence. Tanaasuq is an intensive blend of rose, jasmine and saffron, infused with spicy fruity notes of clary sage and pineapple. Oud, musk and amber are in its heady base.

Ajmal Wisal Dhahab EDP For unisex 50ML


Top Notes: Fruity Fresh Middle Notes: Floral Base Notes: Woody Musky

Ajmal Wisal Perfume EDP For Women 50ml


Wisal is an inviting fragrance that features fresh modern notes, blended for mature and dynamic women who are trendy yet traditional at heart. Its mix of Fresh Floral top notes combined with Spicy Floral heart andFloral Musky base notes combining Rose and Musk is soothing for the psyche, reflecting the wearer’s self-assurance.

Top Notes: Floral Fresh Middle Notes: Spicy Floral Base Notes: Floral Musky

Dahn Al Oudh Ruyah EDP For Unisex 30ml


Ajmal Dahn Al Oudh Ruyah is a unisex perfume with a rich blend of Indian and Combodian Oudh to make it an enticing choice for every fragrance lover. Staying true to its name, this impressive fragrance, excudes a mystique revelation of elegance and is bound to impress the wearer with its magnificence and aura.Ruyah, targets people who adore strong fragrance and love oudh in all its varying forms.

Brand : Ajmal

Fragrance Perfume : Dahn Al Oudh Ruyah

Fragrance : Oudh

Gender : Men And Women

ML : 30 EDP