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Ajmal Bakhoor Khas Concentrated Perfume Oil Unisex 3ml


A fragrance designed to reflect Oudhy notes, Bakhoor Khas is an oriental concentrate that reflects traditional notes that appeal to individuals looking for deep woody and naturally aromatic essences. This product is specifically crafted for individuals who are regular users of Dahn Al Oudh.

Top Notes: Agarwood (oud) Middle Notes: Woody Notes Base Notes: Herbal Notes

Ajmal Dahn Al Oud Hikaaya Concentrated Oil Unisex 3ml


Discover the charming effluences of Ajmal Dahn Al Oud Hekaya in Oil. An exceptional aroma that invites you to the scents Dahn al oud, oriental. The house Ajmal knew how to make a quality aroma which is a concentrate of Indian oud, cambodian agarwood. Make the right choice and buy without delay this real treasure from Ajmal.

Ajmal Dahn Al Oud Saif Al Hind Concentrated Oil 3ml


Ajmal Dahn Al Oudh Al Nayyir Concentrated Oil Unisex 3ml



For years, mankind has looked up to the stars and constellations for guidance. Inspired by these heavenly bodies, Dahn Al Oudh Nayyir is an eclectic mix of the purest Indian and Cambodi Oudh - a rare star the world looks up to.Ensconced in a hand-crafted crystal falcon, the thick, dark, caramel-hued oil emits an earthy scent that mesmerizes the senses and inspires an olfactory journey of luxury

Ajmal Dahn Al Oudh Atheer Concentrated Oil Unisex 3ml



Derived from the essence of agarwood trees and worn for centuries by royals, nobles and common folk alike, this traditional fragrance forms the heart of Arabic culture. Like winds of change, Atheer’s exotic blend of warm woody notes tinged with hints of spice, will carry its wearer into the new age with confidence, elegance and poise.

Ajmal Dahn Al Oudh Madeh Concentrated Oil Unisex 3ml


Dahn Al Oudh Madeh, a subtle blend of Indian and Cambodi Oudh brings about a fragrance entrenched in rich heritage, an ode to an era and its vibrancy. Designed with young men and women in mind, the fragrance targets the traditional yet modern individuals who love to wrap themselves in the serenity of Oudh.

Ajmal Dahn Al Oudh Maymun Concentrated Oil 3ml


Ajmal Dahn Al Oudh Nuwayra Oil Unisex 3ml


Ajmal Dahn Al Oudh Rabia Al Omr Concentrated Oil 3ml



Dahn Al Oudh Rabia Al Omr is a 3ml concentrate created using premium quality Indian Agarwood Oil from an exclusive region in Assam, which in turn is blended with the finest Oudh from Laos and Cambodia. It is a mélange that works exquisitely to provide a unique and harmonized fragrance.

Ajmal Dahn Oudh Al Muattaq concentrated Oil Unisex 6ml


Ajmal Dahn Oudh Tharwaan concentrated Oil Unisex 6ml


Dahn Al Oudh Tharwaan Ajmal

Dahn Al Oudh Tharwaan Ajmal is a Oriental fragrance for women and men. The fragrance features agarwood (oud).

This Oudhy warm woody fragrance is a stamp of authority allowing you to bask in the glow of purity. Dahn Al Oudh Tharwaan exudes sheer magnificence and is a must have for men and women who celebrate life as a series of winning experiences.